Nationwide Process Service

Nationwide Process Service

Stop searching!
Stop wasting precious time!

Over the years, Legal Support Services, Inc.
has developed an extensive nationwide-network
of reliable process servers.
We can find the right process server for your job quickly and efficiently.

No matter where your service is, give us a call…


Nationwide Process Service
“Just One Call will Do It All”

How long did it take you to find our web site?
How many searches did you try before you found us?
How many times a day, week or month, do you repeat these steps?
How much of your day is spent tediously locating a process server?
How much of that time could be better spent?

Now make JUST ONE CALL every time you need service, and:

Let us locate the process server we trust to handle your job.
Let us serve process in accordance with your state’s statutes.
Let us make the follow-up calls and get status reports for you.
Let us make sure your Return of Service is properly filled out.
Let us do the worrying.

Let us Do It All!

Find out how much time and aggravation you can save by making
“Just One Call”